• produces excellent short videos you can send to friends to share the gospel. All media shared from is presented using the website. If the sharer chooses, they can include a gospel pathway along with the media, where the viewer may request to know more about God or faith, and be shown a brief gospel message. If that person continues, they will be given the opportunity to follow Jesus, and receive a personal response to any questions that they may have about faith in Jesus.
    Recommendation – this is a very useful resource you can use via Facebook, Twitter and You Tube to encourage friends on their journey with thought provoking short videos. It will help you get a conversation going and it has no cringe factor.

Home Mission is all about helping Baptist churches and individuals to reach their mission potential and bring the love of God to their communities

Grace Connections Pack has two short courses for unconnected and disconnected friends to find grace. C4L Connections enables users to share free internet videos and pdfs with unconnected and disconnected friends - all based on grace and also full of encouragement for all who feel connected.

This is preferred by some to Alpha. It is refreshing and also has good discipleship material to follow on from the outreach course.