“I love the vision of C4L to equip churches and leaders for discipleship and mission. In Harvest Church it was an effective springboard into Alpha with the unconnected, and important reconnections were also made. I pray that C4L will go on to become a mighty tool that is widely used with great impact.”

Simon Corlett


Howard-Wright-co“The command to make disciples remains as clear today as when first issued. Therefore, getting people, whether inside or outside the church, fully connected with God and His Church is the primary issue for any church leader. C4L is a wonderful set of tools to enable churches to make those connections. I commend this material to you.”

Rev Howard Wright, Rural Dean of Alton and vicar of the Church of the Good Shepherd, Four Marks

Ian_burnham“The more I look through the material, the more I am convinced it fits exactly where we are as a church in so many areas. Discipleship, bridge to Alpha, encouraging the return of prodigals, jargon free, etc. All looks like ideal timing to me ... I am confident – some would even say, excited – about the course and materials.”

Ian Burnham, Director of Small Group Ministry, Andover Baptist Church

Ann-Holt-New-2011_CO“I am passionate to see the lives of people transformed by hearing God speak in the Bible. I am delighted to endorse these new resources – I really hope many churches will use them and that many people will find a fresh sense of identity, value and purpose through a connection to Christ and truly discover the life to the full that He gives.”

Canon Dr Ann Holt OBE, Director of Programme

Clive-Burnard_co“I believe that we have been greatly blessed by the resource which is undoubtedly going to be of real benefit to Baptist Union Churches and any evangelical and missionally minded Churches. It will fit excellently pre-Alpha with the Big Welcome and Crossing Places.”

Clive Burnard – Senior Pastor, Andover Baptist Church