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“Five years on, Pentecost 2015 seemed an ideal time to bring out a new set of free ministry online and app resources. Church Connections sets out to help churches make multiple connections within their communities” – Olaf Fogwill, Ministry Director with Connect4Life

This features two free apps – MY CONNECTIONS for discipleship and BEST CONNECTIONS for outreach. Material from this is also freely available online.

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Countless Christian parents and church leaders suffer the constant pain of lost contact with their prodigals.  Back in 2007, research from Tear Fund showed 16 million people have stopped attending church – the lost generation. Findings from new research released today gives in depth insights from people who have reconnected and from church leaders about the causes and possible solutions.

A panel of 16 national church leaders has come together to reflect on the data from research carried out by Connect4Life for the wider church to address this problem.  The list of commentators includes Bishop Graham Cray (Fresh Expressions), Michael Harvey (Back To Church Sunday originator) and Debbie Thrower (TV Presenter), with other leading figures from denominations and youth ministries. 

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