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Courses (Outreach)

  • Alpha

    Alpha is for everyone who wants to explore life's big questions

  • Baptist Church Home Mission

    Home Mission is all about helping Baptist churches and individuals to reach their mission...

  • Christianity Explored

    This is preferred by some to Alpha. It is refreshing and also has good discipleship material to...

  • Connect4Life

    Grace Connections Pack has two short courses for unconnected and disconnected friends to find...

  • yesHeis produces excellent short videos you can send to friends to share the gospel. All media...

Websites & Apps (Outreach)

  • Church of England

    Church of...

  • Churches Together in England CTE

    This site combines many resources from the main denominations. The purpose of this section is to...

  • Great Commission website from EA is designed to inspire greater passion for evangelism and empower churches...


    A great uptodate collection of testimonies and stories of how lives have been turned about by...


    This is a useful website with stories and testimonies from the UK. These sort of things can really help...


    This is a good website with loads of stories/testimonies from people who have come through...

  • meetJ

    A useful simple app to share your faith in Jesus with friends, supported by bible reading notes.

  • The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics

      This is a very useful source of material to draw from when talking to someone about the reasons...

  • Uncover

    Uncover is an examination of the evidence about the life and purpose of Jesus Christ.

Parachurch Organisations (Outreach)

  • Damaris Trust

    Damaris is an educational charity that is growing through partnership with the film industry. They...

  • Scripture Union (SU)

    WordLive, from Scripture Union, is a free, online guide, helping you meet with God devotionally -...

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MY CONNECTIONS – here are highlights from C4L’s free new discipleship app.  The 31 days section will give you an opportunity to reflect on your life in Christ and how the connection He has given you to God can help you fulfil your potential to bear fruit in this life as well as to have certainty for the next. 

You can download the app for free here:

android-app-on-google-play   app-store

For anyone who does not have the latest smart phones or space on a current one, you can enjoy the interactive App content on your laptop or other electronic device through an emulator such as this one from Bluestacks - enter: here

This card links to C4L Connections as an easy way to share the grace of God with friends who might be interested for personal use or to use to support other Christian outreach and discipleship.


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THE BEST CONNECTIONS APP is a free resource online and as an app to help people get the most out of life’s journey.

There are 6 main sections with 5 important sub-sections. Within them are nearly 500 quotes from famous past and present people who have walked planet earth and offer their wisdom for each section. These include Socrates, Elvis Presley, Voltaire, Obama, Marilyn Monroe,Confucius, John Lennon, Stephen Hawking, Ghandi, David Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Descartes,the Queen, Einstein, Virginia Wolf and many others from all walks of life and religious views.

The app has a personalised journal (My Journal) that you can use to save the content you like plus your thoughts – it is interactive with more content.



Available for
Android phones on



Available for
iPhone on


For anyone who does not have the latest smart phones or space on a current one, you can enjoy the interactive App content on your laptop or other electronic device through an emulator such as this one from Bluestacks - enter: here 


App Screen Shots

Home Screen - Final       app2 thumb       app3 thumb       app4 thumb       app5 thumb


Free Materials

Click to view and download

BC01-2  BC02-1  BC03-1  BC04-1

BC05-1  BC06-1  BC07-1  BC08-1

BC-electronic-cards greyBest Connections Card

Best Connections Cards – these can be printed off for you to give to friends and colleagues for inspiration on their life journey.  Churches can overprint them with their contact details or individuals can use them giving out personal contact details if preferred.  The free resources through Best Connections are extensive – these cards are available as pdf and jpeg images. 

>> Download PDF

>> Download JPEG


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C4L online icon CHOSEN 222Welcome to C4L Online
free ministry resources to equip your church to reach out to those who are indifferent, interested or intentional regarding Jesus Christ.





This features a short video to motivate your church for simple outreach using these cards which fit easily into wallets and purses.

Read more



View this web page and video to see how to share God’s grace with those who are disconnected in some way from God and/or church.

Read more



Make it easier for people to reconnect with God and/or church! View this web page and video.

Read more



Help people to connect with Jesus! View this web page and video

Read more


Connections Cards

C4L-Connections-pdfDownload and print C4L CONNECTIONS CARDS for your church to personalise.

You can view the C4L Online introduction video again here.



For personal use to give to workmates, friends, neighbours and others you meet. The idea is simple – the card links to a one minute video with supporting PDF and useful websites. You can put your contact details on the back or the church’s (with details of relevant events or outreach courses coming up).

The church office or individuals can print off as many of these as are needed. It is an easy way to invite people or just share the grace of God.

Pdf You can download the Connections Cards here.


Questionnaire ‘What do you think – Leaders’


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