Connect4Life - C4L for short!

This provides a complete set of resources for churches and individuals to apply the simple truth – connection brings life. The ‘connection metaphor’ is universally understood in that every electrical appliance or internet device in the contemporary world relies on connection to function – they are designed for their IDENTITY, VALUE AND PURPOSE to be fulfilled through connection. How much more so for the complex design of a human being! Whatever race, gender or culture, every human being needs connection with God – this is what Jesus Christ came for (John 17). So it is that ‘in Christ’ we discover lasting IDENTITY (child of God), VALUE (loved by God) and PURPOSE (enjoying God and bringing joy to Him). With this connection comes SECURITY, HAPPINESS and MOTIVATION.

These simple but profound truths are applied for discipleship and outreach in different products for today’s generation.

You can either print off hard copies or simply use the free electronic versions



Give it 7 days

Covers unconnected

Cover 7 days




• Unconnected friends (pre-Alpha)
• Disconnected friends (pre-Freedom in Christ)



21 Days Personal Study Guides


Covers reconnected

Cover connected





• 1st Time Connectors (for new or exploring Christians)
• Reconnectors (pastoral studies for those returning)
• Already Connected (connection studies for mature Christians)



The Connected Life

(2 weeks for those exploring connection – good for pre-Alpha)

A Better Connection

(2 sessions for those exploring reconnection)