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  • yesHEis.com produces excellent short videos you can send to friends to share the gospel. All media shared from yesHEis.com is presented using the show2.me website. If the sharer chooses, they can include a gospel pathway along with the media, where the viewer may request to know more about God or faith, and be shown a brief gospel message. If that person continues, they will be given the opportunity to follow Jesus, and receive a personal response to any questions that they may have about faith in Jesus.
    Recommendation – this is a very useful resource you can use via Facebook, Twitter and You Tube to encourage friends on their journey with thought provoking short videos. It will help you get a conversation going and it has no cringe factor.

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Two short videos for personal or group use for anyone interested to see how Christ connects us to God and how it brings completely new Identity, Value and Purpose!  Links to free online session notes, invitation cards, discipleship and outreach booklets.

ABC/A Better Connection is a similar two session resource for people to investigate reconnecting to God and/or church.

Session 1

In this first TCL session, we’re focussing on the search for security, happiness and motivation... and where most people make the mistake of trying to find them.

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The Connected Life Session 1 notes to your computer or tablet by clicking the image below:

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Session 2

In this final session of The Connected Life (TCL), we explore how the need for identity, value and purpose in our lives is ultimately found through connection with God.

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A Better Connection Session 2 notes to your computer or tablet by clicking the image below:

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“I thought I led a good, kind life – I knew right from wrong, good from bad … However, I would sometimes react badly and unhelpfully to what life threw at me. This was unattractive and not the way I wanted to be. A good friend introduced me to C4L. I found the course searching, insightful and full of hope. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of living. With the prospect of becoming ‘connected’ I joined an Alpha Course.”
Lesley, user of unconnected materials