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SCiconFor ministry to ‘retired-plus’

• A4 large print magazine

• Free electronic presentation with notes

This is for use by Chaplains, Ministers and anyone with friends or relatives in the ‘retired-plus’ group.

Materials are extremely thought-provoking with stunning images, extensive quotes and testimonies to inspire connections in the silver years.



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Ruth-Calcott Small

"As we get older, we tend to look back over our lives and remember things we have learned and done long ago.  Connections become more important to us and Silver Connections helps us to reminisce and review our connection with God."

Ruth Calcott 

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There are three cards that can be given to friends who may be:



This card has links to the Best Connections app
And our best connections page with useful 'how to' video

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This will help people investigate further, privately and quickly

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this is for people to consider reconnecting to God and/or church through ABC (A Better Connection)
or explore what it would be like to make a first connection to God through connection with Christ using TCL (The Connected Life)

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C4L Connections Cards


Download a sheet of C4L Connections cards - a handy way of directing people to the resources on this website.
(To print correctly you may need to save to your computer and print from Adobe Reader)

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Courses (Discipleship)

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  • Navigators

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Books (Discipleship)

  • Connect4Life

    C4L has three discipleship booklets which are used as 21 Day Personal Study Guides: 1) Already...

Websites & Apps (Discipleship)

  • Bible Gateway

    This is a great resource for personal Bible study and discipleship, providing many search options,...

  • The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

    Founded by John Stott in 1982, LICC's goal is to envision and equip Christians and their churches...

  • The Trove

    Very useful list of online discipleship resources from a wide range of Christian publishers. Good...

  • YGod?

    Useful site for people wanting to explore questions to life's problems and what God has to say...

Personal (Discipleship)


    24/7 prayer support and Christian advice from this UK registered charity that is part of the EA...

Parachurch Organisations (Discipleship)

  • CWR

    CWR offer a range of quality biblically-based personal discipleship products such as Every Day...

  • Foundations21 BRF

    This is well worth looking at for a fresh internet-based approach to discipleship. Adrian Plass...

  • Premier Christian Radio

    This is the largest Christian radio station for the UK. It has lively music and a style that may...

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Courses (Outreach)

  • Alpha

    Alpha is for everyone who wants to explore life's big questions

  • Baptist Church Home Mission

    Home Mission is all about helping Baptist churches and individuals to reach their mission...

  • Christianity Explored

    This is preferred by some to Alpha. It is refreshing and also has good discipleship material to...

  • Connect4Life

    Grace Connections Pack has two short courses for unconnected and disconnected friends to find...

  • yesHeis produces excellent short videos you can send to friends to share the gospel. All media...

Websites & Apps (Outreach)

  • Church of England

    Church of...

  • Churches Together in England CTE

    This site combines many resources from the main denominations. The purpose of this section is to...

  • Great Commission website from EA is designed to inspire greater passion for evangelism and empower churches...


    A great uptodate collection of testimonies and stories of how lives have been turned about by...


    This is a useful website with stories and testimonies from the UK. These sort of things can really help...


    This is a good website with loads of stories/testimonies from people who have come through...

  • meetJ

    A useful simple app to share your faith in Jesus with friends, supported by bible reading notes.

  • The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics

      This is a very useful source of material to draw from when talking to someone about the reasons...

  • Uncover

    Uncover is an examination of the evidence about the life and purpose of Jesus Christ.

Parachurch Organisations (Outreach)

  • Damaris Trust

    Damaris is an educational charity that is growing through partnership with the film industry. They...

  • Scripture Union (SU)

    WordLive, from Scripture Union, is a free, online guide, helping you meet with God devotionally -...

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Two short videos for personal or group use for anyone interested to see how Christ connects us to God and how it brings completely new Identity, Value and Purpose!  Links to free online session notes, invitation cards, discipleship and outreach booklets.

ABC/A Better Connection is a similar two session resource for people to investigate reconnecting to God and/or church.

Session 1

In this first TCL session, we’re focussing on the search for security, happiness and motivation... and where most people make the mistake of trying to find them.

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The Connected Life Session 1 notes to your computer or tablet by clicking the image below:

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Session 2

In this final session of The Connected Life (TCL), we explore how the need for identity, value and purpose in our lives is ultimately found through connection with God.

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A Better Connection Session 2 notes to your computer or tablet by clicking the image below:

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“I thought I led a good, kind life – I knew right from wrong, good from bad … However, I would sometimes react badly and unhelpfully to what life threw at me. This was unattractive and not the way I wanted to be. A good friend introduced me to C4L. I found the course searching, insightful and full of hope. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of living. With the prospect of becoming ‘connected’ I joined an Alpha Course.”
Lesley, user of unconnected materials