7 and 21 Days Study Guides

The Unconnected study guides 

can be given as booklets to friends who may never have stopped to think about their life’s purpose and goals.  For those who prefer modern technology, they can simply be given a small card to point them to the free Youtube video ‘Unconnected’ shown above and to free online copies of the 7 and 21 days guides.

These friends, who are as yet unconnected to Jesus Christ, are invited to two evening seminar sessions (‘The Connected Life’).

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21 Day Study Guide

21-Days-unconnected2015The Connected Life - A 21-day personal study guide for those connecting for the first time – is also available. This is designed to encourage those who are not yet Christians to become connected to the person, power and mission of Jesus Christ – in essence, a simple way to understand that their identity, value and purpose can only truly be found ‘in Christ’.  An invitation to join a course such as Alpha or Christianity Explored can follow.

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