Discipleship Resources

Pathways / Courses

  • Freedom in Christ


    The award-winning Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course is a proven and effective way for churches to help Christians become fruitful disciples. It’s been used by around 200,000 people in the UK.

  • Methodist Deepening Discipleship


    This is a movement of Methodists who want to make a lifelong commitment to working out what being a Christian means in the whole of life, in order to make a world-transforming difference.

  • Andrew Wommack Ministries

    Andrew Wommack Ministries

    Andrew’s ministry is based in Colorado. He felt called us to teach the truth of the Gospel to the body of Christ with a special emphasis on God’s unconditional love and the balance between grace and faith. This is done by teaching at seminars, in churches, on radio and television, by training others at Charis Bible College, and by developing ministry materials designed to help people in their relationship with the Lord. There are lots of resources here for discipleship but also for outreach.

  • Lyfe (Bible Society)


    Lyfe is about hearing God, through the Bible, in the company of others. The strap line is ‘Connecting God, us and everyday life’. Using six challenge zones, they aim to help people go deeper with God.

  • Navigators


    The Navigators is a world-wide organisation working in more than 100 countries with the commitment to help individuals and communities of believers to know Christ and make him known.


  • Connect4Life

    C4L has three discipleship booklets which are used as 21 Day Personal Study Guides:
    1) Already Connected – for mature believers to be strengthened by God’s lavish grace
    2) First Time Connectors – for those investigating the connected life in Christ
    3) The Reconnected Life – for people open to making the journey back to God or to a church
    These all use the metaphor of connection for life to the full in Christ.

Websites & Apps

  • The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity


    Founded by John Stott in 1982, LICC’s goal is to envision and equip Christians and their churches for whole-life missionary discipleship in the world. They seek to serve them with biblical frameworks, practical resources, training and models so that they flourish as followers of Jesus and grow as whole-life disciple-making communities.

  • Bible Gateway


    This is a great resource for personal Bible study and discipleship, providing many search options, translations, Bible-reading plans and devotionals. All on-line material is free!

  • YGod?


    Useful site for people wanting to explore questions to life’s problems and what God has to say about them

  • The Trove


    Very useful list of online discipleship resources from a wide range of Christian publishers. Good to view and to share via their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook sites.


  • Chatnow.org.uk


    24/7 prayer support and Christian advice from this UK-registered charity that is part of the EA and a member of the Christian Helplines Association. What a great idea and a good resource to share.

Parachurch Organisations

  • CWR


    CWR offer a range of quality biblically-based personal discipleship products such as Every Day With Jesus. They also run courses, particularly for training in counselling.

  • Foundations21 BRF


    This is well worth looking at for a fresh internet-based approach to discipleship. Adrian Plass gives a useful video introduction. You can keep a personal journal on this site and find a personal pathway.

  • Premier Christian Radio


    This is the largest Christian radio station for the UK. It has lively music and a style that may not suit everyone but there are very useful resources including: Premier Lifeline (The National Christian Helpline), three magazine (Christianity, Youthwork, Childrenswork)and leadership articles/resources.


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