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Everyone searches for meaning as without it we remain unconnected – try this gateway if you want to make a new start on the journey of life

Making the connection!

Unconnected? Millions have trusted in God and found a life-changing connection that has given them lasting identity, value and purpose.

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Unconnected – Give it 7 Days

Unconnected? – Give it 7 Days is for the unconnected – those who are yet to have embraced God’s grace.

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The Connected Life

This is designed to encourage those who are not yet Christians to become connected to the person, power and mission of Jesus Christ – in essence, a simple way to understand that their identity, value and purpose can only truly be found ‘in Christ’.

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TCL – The Connected Life

Unconnected? – Discover… The Connected Life

Two short videos for personal or group use for anyone interested to see how Christ connects us to God and how it brings a completely new Identity, Value and Purpose! 

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